Card Charges - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about charges on a credit/debit card

Why was OTP not sent for my transaction?

One of the common queries we get is why a user was not required an OTP during the transaction.

First of all, this is completely dependent upon the user's country, bank account, and card settings. 

We do not send OTPs. The bank does.
And we cannot charge a card if it was not properly authorized by the bank. 

Different countries and banks have different policies.  For example, in India OTP is used for local transactions only. KodeKloud uses Stripe - an International Payment Gateway. So if your card is enabled for International Transactions, OTP is not required. This is not under the control of KodeKloud. You must contact your bank and get this clarified.

Here is a reference article that provides more details:

Please make sure that international transaction is activated on your card before making payment. Check with your bank to enable international transactions. 

In case, amount is deducted but transaction failed, payment will be reversed automatically. Please check with your bank in case of any issues. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to write to

Locked Price Policy

We follow a locked price policy. This means that whatever amount you paid at the time of purchase will be the same amount for your future subscription charges until you cancel your subscription. If you purchased at a discounted price, the same discounted pricing applies to all future charges. Even if we increase the price of our platform in the future. However, the same is applicable if we were to reduce our prices in the future. If the prices drop in the future, it won't automatically update your subscription.  If you are on a monthly subscription, you may cancel your subscription and enroll again at the lower price if we happen to lower our price in the future. A refund will not be issued for the difference in such case.