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What is the difference between Pro and basic access to the KodeKloud Engineer platform?

This article explains the difference between PRO and basic access to KKE platform.

KKE Pro is premium access to the KodeKloud Engineer Platform, which is automatically gained by the KodeKloud Professional subscription holders for their account by the same email id on the KKE platform.

Pro access to KKE is one of the many privileges PRO subscription holders get. For more KodeKloud subscription details, click here.

Ensure that your account on KodeKloud Engineer Platform is by the same email id as KodeKloud platform for the successful sync-up.

PRO access to KKE

Basic access to KKE

  • Complete any number of tasks in a day
  • Can only complete one task in a day
  • Start a course at any level
  • Have to start a course from level 1 only
  • Start the task in any order
  • Have to follow a defined order
  • Get an option to revise a task after completing
  • No option to revise a completed task

If you are on a Standard subscription, you can upgrade to a PRO subscription to KodeKloud platform. To know more, check out the process here.

For any further queries, write to us at support@kodekloud.com