What are your pricing options?

In this article we briefly describe our simple pricing model

We have a simple pricing model. Gain access to all our courses and labs for a fixed price monthly or yearly.



A monthly subscription works just like your  TV or Netflix. Once you enrol, you pay for each month to access all courses and labs on our platform for that month. When you are done with your studies you may cancel the subscription under your "Accounts" page to stop billing. When you cancel your membership you will continue to get access to our platform until the end of your billing cycle.



With an yearly subscription you make a payment of 12 months at once to gain access to all of our current and future courses and labs for an entire year from the date of purchase. This way you also get it at a discounted price which is almost half of the monthly price you would pay if you chose a monthly subscription. When you cancel your yearly subscription, you still get access to the platform and all contents for the remainder of the year in your billing cycle. At the end of the billing cycle you won't be charged for the next year and your access will be removed.