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What is KodeKloud Engineer and How to access it?

This article explains what is KodeKloud Engineer and how to access it.

By joining our KodeKloud Engineer program, you will be "working" in a fictional organization and perform real tasks on real systems. You will be able to gain invaluable experience. You will get real projects, real roles, real scenarios, real systems, etc.

You will signup as a System Administrator for xFusion Corp Industries - a fictional organization created as part of the KodeKloud Engineer program. You will be given a project brief and access to the project documentation, architecture diagrams, and systems. Once ready, you will be assigned various tasks that will need to be completed.

The KodeKloud Engineer program is absolutely free!
You don't have to make any payment to access the KodeKloud Engineer program.

Please use the link given below to start with the program:


Click on the "Start Free" button and then click on "Sign up New Account" and create a new account by using same email ID (as you have used for KodeKloud account). Your existing KodeKloud credentials won't work here.

Then, please watch the videos under the section "Project Briefing" and you can start with the program.

If you have any doubts regarding any tasks, please feel free to post at https://kodekloud.com/community/ under the relevant category. One of our experts on that topic will then be able to assist you.