What is the difference between KodeKloud Standard vs Pro vs Business?

We understand that every learner has unique needs. That's why we offer different plans tailored to provide you with the features and tools that align with your goals. Let's dive into the details of our Standard, Pro, and Business plans.

1. KodeKloud Standard Plan:

  • Access Standard Courses and Labs:
    • Perfect for learners seeking fundamental knowledge.
    • Gain unlimited access to our extensive library of standard courses and labs.

2. KodeKloud Pro Plan:

  • Premium Access to All Courses and Labs:
    • Unlock the full potential of our platform with access to all standard and premium courses and labs.
  • Playgrounds and KodeKloud Engineer Pro:
    • Explore hands-on learning with the inclusion of playgrounds.
    • Utilize advanced features with KodeKloud Engineer Pro for enhanced skill development.

3. KodeKloud Business Plan:

  • All Features of Pro Plan:
    • Enjoy the benefits of the Pro plan, including premium courses, labs, playgrounds, and KodeKloud Engineer Pro.
  • Enterprise Dashboard:
    • Gain insights into your team's learning progress with a centralized Enterprise Dashboard.
  • User License Rotation:
    • Facilitate flexible team access with user license rotation.
  • Dedicated Support for Business Needs:
    • Receive priority assistance and dedicated support tailored to address the specific needs of businesses.
  • Centralized Billing:
    • Streamline your subscription management with centralized billing, making it convenient to manage expenses and access.

Choosing the Right Plan for You:

  • Standard Plan:

    • Ideal for individual learners seeking foundational knowledge.
  • Pro Plan:

    • For those hungry for a comprehensive learning experience with premium content and advanced features.
  • Business Plan:

    • Tailored for businesses or teams requiring advanced features, team collaboration, and dedicated support.

Additional Info on Playgrounds:

Playgrounds provide instant access to sandboxed Cloud or DevOps environments for you to play around with:

  • Cloud Playgrounds allow you to gain instant access to AWS, Azure and google cloud platforms.
  • DevOps playgrounds are blank environments for various solutions
  • DevOps playgrounds can be extended for an additional time, allowing you more time to experiment with your solution
  • Watch the video to see a demo (https://kodekloud.com/pages/playgrounds) 


Whether you're an individual learner or a business looking to empower your team, KodeKloud has a plan designed just for you. Explore the features of each plan, choose the one that aligns with your goals, and embark on a journey of continuous learning and skill development. If you have any questions or need assistance selecting the right plan, our support team is here to help. You can reach out to our support team at support@kodekloud.com. Happy learning!