What is the difference between STANDARD vs. PRO?

The differences between KodeKloud's Standard plan and Pro Plan.

Unlike KodeKloud STANDARD, KodeKloud PRO has additional features, for example: 

  • 36 DevOps Playgrounds
  • 2 Cloud Playgrounds
  • KodeKloud Engineer Pro

Playgrounds provide instant access to sandboxed Cloud or DevOps environments for you to play around with:

  • Cloud Playgrounds allow you to gain instant access to AWS and Azure cloud platforms.
  • DevOps playgrounds are blank environments for various solutions
  • DevOps playgrounds can be extended for an additional time, allowing you more time to experiment with your solution
All subscription plans provide a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, and for more information on payment, check it out here: https://kodekloud.com/pricing/